New Delhi . In a written mail to Excellency Dr. Saudia Mohammed Al Safi , Authorised agents with great grief on current matter of business at Saudi Arabia Embassy Delhi appeals detailed investigation on lobbying activities in visa processing .
In a detailed mail , while giving reference that from last three months some visa application were submitted by several authorised agents are getting rejected by the Consulate without providing any specific reason for rejection of visa . Among these authorised agents are accredited from Saudi Arabia Consulate and have submitted such cases more than 5-10years .
In a statement to press , the authorised agents said that presently acting counsellor Mohammed Abdullah Al bakarie and visa incharge Mr. Nawab remain unreachable to discuss the presistent issues that are being faced and cause serve loss of business based on feedback received from the clients if the same rejected application are being submitted through company name “Lama Consultancy” who had tie up with Al Sirraj and Al Safa .
Adding that present acting counsellors are forcing the corporate and other clients to route these request visas through Nama Consultancy that shows there is some kind of matter in between acting counsellors and Lama Consultancy as only the influencetial visas are approved .
The authorised agents further added that we feel discouraged and feeling harrased with such practices as they have no platform to discuss on these issues .
The authorised agents seeks independent investigation on lobbying activities conducted in Saudi Arabia Consulate and to take action to eradicate such kind of unethical and fraudulent activities in your consulte .


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