No military solution to Kashmir issue, only talks: Majeed Padder

Wahid Bhat


SRINAGAR, FEB 11 (PTK): The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) senior leader and former MLA of Noorabad constituency of Kulgam Abdul Majeed Padder said that India, Pakistan and Hurriyat should talk to each other and solve Kashmir Issue.


While Speaking to News agency Press Trust of Kashmir Padder said, “Security forces should not threaten locals. They should spend love and peace”.


He added PDP will talk to militants if come to power in coming election”. He further added that there is no military solution to Kashmir problem instead India-Pakistan must talk to each other.


Padder said miseries and hardships of the people could only be removed through an amicable political solution to the Kashmir problem adding that it was expected that Prime Minister would announce some kind of a pragmatic roadmap to carry forward the mission of Late Prime Minister Atal Ji for resumption of talks on Kashmir issue.


He further added that all the political and non-political originations should come forward beyond the political lines to seek the resolution of the disputed Kashmir issue. He said Pakistan and India have to find the time when they want to start the talks.


He added Kashmir issue is an internationally-recognized dispute that demands fair resolution from India, Pakistan and Hurriyat to end the long last conflict which has adverse impacts on all mostly youth. (PTK)


This is not Bihar but Jammu and Kashmir: Monga to Governor


Wahid Bhat


SRINAGAR, FEB 11 (PTK): Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) vice president and former member of legislative council (MLC) Ghulam Nabi Monga react over the statement of Governor Sayta pal Malik, Monga while saying that this not Bihar but Jammu and Kashmir adding that governor is not a Chief Minister of the state.


While Speaking to News agency Press Trust of Kashmir Monga said, “He is not Chief Minister (CM). He can’t claim that he is a CM of Jammu and Kashmir. CM is someone who is elected  by the people “.


Monga added “Governor Satya Pal Malik is mistaken. He is the person who has been appointed by the central government to look after at Jammu and Kashmir, but he is not an elected person”.


He further added that he is simply a Governor of state that is all and he should focus on work. “Governor’s role is well defined in the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir”, he added.


Monga further added that governor should think before he speake anything about Jammu and Kashmir.


Earlier Governor Satya Pal Malik has said that he is not just the governor of the but the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir also.


He added, in that capacity of someone daily abuses the Government, as a Representative of the President of India, he has to put forth the view of the Government.


“If you daily abuse that Government, somebody has to reply that. I do keep viewpoint of my Government before the people,” he said, adding that he wasn’t only the Governor but the Chief Minister as well.


“I’m not only the Governor of the State but the Chief Minister also. I have to give my view point,” he asserted. (PTK)


BJP Leader supports governors CM remarks


SRINAGAR, FEB 11 (PTK): Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and former member of legislative council (MLC) Ramesh Arora today came into the support of Governor Satya Pal Malik and said that there is nothing wrong in Governor’s statement.


While Speaking to News agency Press Trust of Kashmir Arora said, “The power of Chief Minister of the state is same as Governor. It is symbolically same like Chief Minister but it’s not like that Governor got the status of chief Minister of a State”.


He added, “We appreciate the work of Governor Satya Pal Malik. He delivered everything in great way. Arora added that the power of Chief Minister is with Governor right now. (PTK)


Farooq Abdullah says people like Jitendra Singh comes power by lying


SRINAGAR, FEB 11 (PTK): National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah on Monday called Minister of State Jitendra Singh a “Pakistani” after the latter said that it was the tendency of Kashmiri politicians to speak in the language of Pakistan when they are out of power. Singh said that the tendency was not restricted to just one party in Jammu and Kashmir.


“I have said this before that since decades, it has been the tendency of Kashmir-based politicians that they call Kashmir an integral part of India when in power and raise questions on the identity of Kashmir and begin seeing positives in Pakistan and their government when out of power,” the minister said.


“This is not restricted to only one party, the PDP. National Conference has shown the same character. When Farooq Abdullah was the CM, he used to complain to the Centre that why the terrors are camps in PoK not bombed? We all know what he is saying now when he is not in power,” Singh added.


An angry Farooq Abdullah responded to the minister’s remarks by saying that it was not him but people like the minister who were “Pakistani”. “Aise log hain Pakistani, ye Jitendra Singh jaise, Farooq Abdullah nahi hai. Such people have come to power by lying,” he said.


Questioning Singh’s credentials as a minister, Abdullah asked: “What has Jitendra Singh got? What minister is he? What work has he done? Holding a ministerial post and talking is a different matter but he should also have something to show. Tell me when did I say ‘we are not Indians’?”.


Farooq Abdullah while talking to the media, he said that Kashmir issue is a political issue; it can be resolved only by meeting it, till the issue will not be resolved.


“Until then stability will not come. There cannot be stability in Jammu and Kashmir at any time during the current central government. The government will not be ready for talks. In the coming days, a strong government will be formed under the leadership of the Maha coalition which will try to resolve this issue. And of course this issue will solve”, he added. (PTK)


Governor’s claim triggers reactions, Naeem Akhtar suggests Malik to consult for guidance


SRINAGAR, FEB 11 (PTK): Governor Satya Pal Malik has said that he is not just the governor of the JK but the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir also.


He added, in that capacity of someone daily abuses the Government, as a Representative of the President of India, he has to put forth the view of the Government.


Governor after attending a function in Katra, he said the Raj Bhawan is not meant for playing golf alone.


“Tell me whether the Governor House is meant for playing Golf all the time?” he asked.


Replying to a question on criticism by PDP and National Conference that he has been making political statements, Malik said the Governor’s House is representative of the President of India and there is a President’s Government in New Delhi.


“If you daily abuse that Government, somebody has to reply that. I do keep viewpoint of my Government before the people,” he said, adding that he wasn’t only the Governor but the Chief Minister as well.


“I’m not only the Governor of the State but the Chief Minister also. I have to give my view point,” he asserted.


Reacting to Governor Sayta Pal Malik statement, PDP senior leader and former minister Naeem Akhtar said that Malik should consult LK Jha and NN Vohra for guidance.


Naeem Akhtar wrote on twitter: Beg your pardon Excellency! Wrogly advised. You are only constitutional head running make shift administration. Pl recalls LK Jha, NN Vohra for guidance. @MehboobaMufti @Omar Abdullah. (PTK)


Mehbooba slams BJP MP for sexist remarks on Priyanka Gandhi


SRINAGAR, FEB 11 (PTK): Former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti on Monday slammed BJP MP for his sexist remark on congress leader Priyanka Gandhi.


Taking to her twitter handle the PDP president said that BJP MP Harish Dwivedi needs therapy, “Sadly even in today’s modern world, patriarchy plus brazen sexism always raises its ugly head and is normalised. What a woman chooses to wear is none of anybody’s business. Anyone who indulges in such talk clearly needs therapy so I hope he gets well soon.” She tweeted.


Dwivedi had said that when Priyanka Gandhi is in Delhi, she wears jeans and top but when she comes to the area given to her she wears sari and sindoor.


Priyanka was given charge of Uttar Pradesh east as Congress party’s general secretary on January 23.


Earlier BJP’s Harish Dwivedi said “Everyone knows that when Priyanka Gandhi is in Delhi, she wears jeans and top but dons saree and sindoor when she comes to the constituencies”.


“For me or the BJP, Priyanka Gandhi is not an issue. If Rahul Gandhi is a failure, Priyanka is also a failure,”Dwivedi added.


This is not the first time that BJP leaders have stirred controversy with their remarks on Priyanka Gandhi.


On January 30, BJP MLA Surendra Singh dubbed the Congress president “Raavan” and his sister Priyanka Gandhi “Shurpanakha”.


Days after Priyanka Gandhi’s formal entry into politics, BJP general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya slammed the Congress for using “chocolaty faces” to fight the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.


On January 25, Bihar minister Vinod Narayan Jha had called Priyanka Gandhi “a very beautiful face” with no political achievement to her credit. (PTK)


Srinagar-Jammu highway closed for 6th consecutive day, stranded passengers suffer


SRINAGAR, FEB 11 (PTK): The Srinagar Jammu highway remained closed for the sixth consecutive day on Monday, leading to a crisis of essential necessities in the Valley and stranding hundreds of vehicles.


According to a traffic department official, a massive landslide delayed the opening of the highway.


“Even as hectic landslide clearance operation was on in the Ramsoo-Ramban sector, a massive landslide hit the highway at Marog on Sunday, delaying the opening of the highway,” he said.


He stated that no traffic would be allowed unless the debris of the landslide weren’t cleared.


Over the past six days, more than 3,000 vehicles have been left stranded along the nearly 300-kilometre long road, creating a crisis in the Valley since many are carrying essential necessities.


This has led to a severe shortage of vegetables, poultry products, mutton and petroleum products. Authorities have rationed the supply of petroleum products owing to the current situation.


Following the closure of the highway on February 6, air travel fares have increased exponentially.


Many stranded on the highway bound toward the valley have started running short of money and have demanded special air sorties to reach their destination.


Meanwhile Hurriyat (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq criticized the state authorities for what he said failing to provide relief and help to the people stranded due to closure of Srinagar-Jammu highly from past six days.


Taking to Twitter, Mirwaiz said: “It is incumbent upon those who have blocked our natural routes to outside world and made us solely dependent on this artificial route (Jammu Srinagar highway) mostly closed in winter due to weather vagaries, to take responsibility of the dire consequences that people of Kashmir have to face and at least provide them with relief and help till they reach home”



Mirwaiz said that there is no support in place for the people who are stranded on the highway and have been left to fend for themselves.


“Tens of thousands of Kashmiris are stranded in Jammu for past one week as the Srinagar-Jammu highway is closed and few flights are operating on this sector. People are facing tremendous hardship as their recourses to support themselves are drying up and they are stranded,” he tweeted.


He said that it is incumbent upon the state administration to take responsibility of the “dire consequences” that people of Kashmir have to face and at least provide them with relief and help till they reach home.


He also criticised the state administration for failing to provide accommodation and food to the stranded passengers.


The 270-km long strategic highway remained closed for sixth straight day today for traffic due to landslides and shooting-stones at several places. (PTK)


Peoples Conference announces Candidates for Parliament Elections


SRINAGAR, FEB 11 (PTK): Peoples Conference announced the party candidates for Baramulla and Srinagar Parliament seats. Former IG & a leading political leader Raja Aijaz Ali will represent the party from North while Irfan Reza Ansari will be our candidate for Srinagar Parliament seat, a party spokesperson said in a release.


Peoples Conference Central Election Committee (CEC) met under the chairmanship of Sajad Gani Lone to deliberate on probable party candidates for the upcoming Parliament elections. After detailed discussion & thorough consideration, the CEC has finalized the names of Raja Aijaz Ali for Baramulla seat and Irfan Reza Ansari for Srinagar seat.” the spokesperson said.


Raja Aijaz Ali, a former police officer who retired as IGP, contested the Assembly Elections in 2014 from Uri and ended up as runner up with almost 19000 votes while prominent businessman and industrialist Irfan Reza Ansari is son of Late Moulvi Ifthikar Hussain Ansari & social activist of note. The party leadership expressed full confidence in the ability of its candidates to represent and defend the aspirations & sentiments of the people of J&K in the Parliament of India, he added.


Peoples Conference will be a ‘breath of fresh air’ in comparison with the status-quo politics of NC & PDP. “We will serve the people with earnest dedication so as to realize the potential of ‘Kashmiri dreams’ and work hard towards real empowerment of the masses especially economic empowerment. It is our commitment to improves opportunities for youth and reverse decades of anti youth policies adapted by successive NC-PDP governments.” the spokesperson said. (PTK)


Er Rasheed asks New Delhi to see how people in Azad Kashmir are enjoying basic immunities


SRINAGAR, FEB 11 (PTK): Asking PDP not to befool Kashmiris, AIP President Er. Rasheed has said that writing a letter to Prime Minister seeking Mortal remains of Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat makes no sense as PDP has lost the moral authority to speak over issues which it could have resolved when in power.


In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said “Had PDP been sincere it would have supported the clemency resolution on Afzal Guru moved in the state Assembly or would have at least demanded back the mortal remains when it came to power. The moves PDP is taking today show its desperation and are making its true face exposed. The party could have negotiated the return of mortal remains when it entered into power sharing with BJP and now when nothing lies in the hands of PDP it is just doing cheap politics only to erode its credibility further”.


Er. Rasheed reminded PDP and other main stream parties not to forget that New Delhi has a very big dustbin where it deposits sentiments and aspirations of Kashmiris including Autonomy resolution and undoubtedly it will deposit PDP’s letter too in the same dustbin.


However Er. Rasheed said if PDP is serious let them arrange an indefinite fast in front of Indian parliament and AIP is ready to support the move. He added that otherwise all what PDP is doing is making mockery of main stream politics and that of sufferings of families of Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat.


Er. Rasheed also while condemning attack on stranded Kashmiris by various extremist groups in Jammu, said that rather labelling every Kashmiri as Pakistani agent the so called ultra-nationals should ask New Delhi why it couldn’t provide a highway between Jammu & Srinagar since 1947.


Er. Rasheed said “While entire Kashmir has been converted into a jail and all the natural routs to the external world have been closed under a well-crafted plan, It is disgusting that now rather feeling ashamed for their failures the ultra-nationals are treating Kashmiris like enemies and animals. While world is becoming accessible day by day, Kashmiris are living like aliens in their own motherland. Kashmiris respect and serve even their worst enemies but the fringe elements in Jammu seem to be keen to destroy the mutual harmony”.


Er. Rasheed asked New Delhi to open all natural routes connecting J&K with Pakistan and rest of the world without any excuses and said that the closure of roads is an open evidence that India wants land of J&K but doesn’t care if people go to hell. He said that New Delhi has no moral authority to justify caging Kashmiris since 1947 and asked New Delhi to open its eyes and see how people of PAK Administered Kashmir are enjoying every basic immunity and have huge access to entire world. (PTK)


Swine flu brings more heart attacks, strokes: DAK


SRINAGAR, FEB 11 (PTK): Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Monday said swine flu infection significantly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.


“If you catch swine flu, you are at an increased risk of having a heart attack or stroke,” said DAK President Dr Nisar ul Hassan.


Quoting a Canadian study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, Dr Nisar said people who get flu are six times more likely to have a heart attack in the first week of the illness.


“The risk is particularly high among elderly and those with underlying heart conditions,” he said.


“In another study at Columbia University in United States flu increased the odds of having a stroke by nearly 40 percent,” Dr Nisar said.


“The most significant risk occurred in the 15 days following the illness, but patients with flu continued to have elevated risk of stroke for an entire year,” he said.

Dr Nisar said flu causes acute and severe inflammation that builds up fat deposits in the inner walls of blood vessels. These fat deposits dislodge and get stuck in heart or brain, where they block the blood flow.


He added flu activates blood cells and clotting system leading to increased risk of blood clots.


“The number of heart attacks and stroke patients in Kashmir doubles in winter and flu is a major factor,” he informed


He said the risk is similar to the risk seen for other known risk factors, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or smoking.


Dr Nisar said you can prevent many heart attacks and strokes by getting vaccinated against flu.


“Studies have shown people who receive flu shots are 55% less likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke,” he said.


“Ideally, people should get vaccine by the end of October. However, getting vaccinated later can still be beneficial and vaccination should continue to be offered throughout the flu season,” Dr Nisar advised. (PTK)


Peoples Conference committed to end corruption: Vakil


SRINAGAR, FEB 11 (PTK): In a significant development, more than 100 Congress workers joined Peoples Conference in presence of senior PC leader & ex-minister Abdul Gani Vakil, said a party release.


Welcoming the new entrants at a function held in Jammu, Peoples Conference senior leader Abdul Gani Vakil Vakil appealed to the people to forge unity and join his party’s fight against corruption and dynasty politics.


“More and more people are coming together to fight corrupt policies & practices of NC & PDP. J&K has been in a state of changelessness for the past 7 decades. It is time like-minded and change oriented people join hands to rid J&K of corruption & dynasty rule.” Vakil said


Vakil said that corruption is one of the major factors in distancing youth from mainstream politics. The political culture of brazen corruption has created a sense of gloom and despondency in the state, especially in the youth.


“The brazen patronage to nepotism, corruption and back door entries has undermined and alienated hardworking and educated youth of Kashmir while giving a free hand to radical forces who have used it effectively to exploit local sentiments.”


He said NC & PDP joined hands briefly to safeguard their interest and shield corruption files. “NC & PDP have a history of shielding and encouraging corruption and both the parties seem to have an undeclared & secret pact to protect each other from any action of law” adding that Peoples Conference is committed to fight corruption and an only viable option to fight the dynasty rule propagated and implemented by Abdullahs and Muftis.


Questioning the Governor administration’s failure to identify and punish the officers involved in Jammu and Kashmir Group Medical Insurance Policy scam, Vakil said that “even after finding the policy ‘full of frauds’, Governor administration has not named or punished officers involved in the scam.


“Governor Satya Pal Malik after assuming office said that corruption and nepotism were ‘at their peak’ assuring that he will take effective measures to deal with corrupt elements in public institutions. However, we are yet to see any concrete & institutional measures taken by the administration to strengthen State Vigilance Commission and Accountability Commission.” Vakil added. (PTK)


DHSK inaugurates Sparsh Leprosy Awareness Campaign at Srinagar


SRINAGAR, FEB 11 (PTK): As a part to Sparsh Leprosy Awareness Campaign a Central Activity Drive was held at Government Leprosy Hospital Srinagar on 11.02.2019 which was organized by Chief Medical Officer Srinagar, Dr.Talat Jabeen in order to enlighten masses at large about SLAC guidelines and its implementation.


The said central level workshop at the divisional level was organized in the best interest of public at large and leprosy inmates in particular wherein it was pledged to ensure early case detection and stop discrimination at the social platform. The said event was inaugurated by Dr.Kunzes Dolma, Director Health Services Kashmir wherein Chief Medical Officer including District Health Officer, District TB Officer, District Immunization Officer, Medical Superintendent, Gousia Hospital and all Zonal Medical Officers of district Srinagar were present.


While interacting with the inmates of the hospital Director Health Services assured of all possible medical assistance to them and on spot instructions were passed on to Chief Medical Officer Srinagar for redressal of their grievances, if any. DHSK while interacting with the public and inmates in particular appealed to the public at large not to discriminate the inmates and not to attach any kind of stigma as they were living healthy life.


Distributions of IEC material, posters etc were the other activities during the event. The spokesperson while commenting said that the workshop ended with a pledge to have early case detection and not to discriminate the inmates in any manner whatsoever. (PTK)


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